Lasagne di Mare Bagni Orano

Seafood Lasagne

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The recipe is simple as its taste: white fish and seafood. It is dedicated to people who love fine but amazing cuisine!

Linguine Montecristo

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This course made a success! We have added zucchini and fragrant herbs to mussels and clams… The result is a tasty, light, fresh and summery dish.

Appetizer Valentina

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Composed of samples of fresh seafood, hot and cold and grilled vegetables. Ideal as starter or for a light tasty lunch, maybe with our white baked “schiaccia” and a glass of wine.


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It is absolutely the main course of our culinary tradition and it definitely highlights our kitchen, as much as to say… we do it like no other! It is accurately prepared with local boned fish, shellfish and seafood, all harmoniously composed very slowly. It is recommended as a main course!

Frutti di mare del bagno Orano, Lacona

Marinara Mussels

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After having cleaned the mussels thoroughly, we prepare them in a very simple way: parsley, garlic, red chili and wine, so that the our maninara mussels retain the flavor of the sea.

Assaggio misto di pesce e carne del Bagni Orano, Lacona

Assaggio Misto

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This course give you a general idea of our cooking, as its name suggests. In this Mixed Appetizer there is a bit of sea and non-seafood, both hot and cold, depending on the imagination of the Chef!

Linguine Misto Mare - Bagni Orano - Isola d'Elba

Linguine Misto Mare

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One of the best courses ever cooked! The sauce is strictly white and made with octopus, squid, cuttlefish, shrimps, shellfish and what the sea has brought during the day. Seasoned with mussels, clams and shellfish is perfect for anyone who wants to taste all the flavor of the sea and the seafood!

Gnocchi al nero di seppia conditi e accompagnati con Totano ripieno all'Elbana, Bagni Orano, Lacona

Black dumplings with stuffed squids

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Stuffed squid is part of the classical tradition of Elba. The filling can be made with different ingredients more or less known but each recipe has its dose and its closely guarded secrets. We like to accompany it with potato dumplings made ​​with squid ink, the rest is up to you to find out …

Pasta con pesce spada Bagni Orano, Lacona

Maharrones lados with swordfish

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Here the fusion of Elba and Sardinia takes shape in the most obvious. The maharrones lados is the special semolina pasta hand-rolled in an ancient Sardinian tradition. We have wanted to make this course with swordfish coming from our sea. The result is a light and tasty dish.

Lasagna di verdura con pomodoro e besciamella del Bagno Orano

Vegetarian Lasagna

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Fresh vegetables make this dish fresh and light, despite being a lasagna. For people who can no longer stand fish but do not want to give up on spaghetti with tomato sauce!