The Restaurant

Insegna Bagni OranoUnder the pine trees of Orano

The peculiarity of the Orano Bar Restaurant Pizzeria and Beach Resort is his particular position.
The dunes of Lacona in which it is immersed, the Mediterranean vegetation that surrounds it and the century-old pine trees make the environment cool and relaxing.
The beauty of our Beach Resort is that you can eat in the open-air, watching the sea with your feet in the sand.
The restaurant pizzeria bar is open all day for both lunch and dinner and it has a menu suitable to satisfy any appetite.

Cooking and much more

Chef Francesca del Bagni Orano

The menu is run by chef Francesca, who harmoniously blends traditions of our Elba Island and Sardinian imagination with high- quality ingredients.
Main and second courses come out of our kitchen as far as the eye can see. All our courses are simple and express, depending on the season and what the sea offers, believing that a fresh ingredient is already a good starting point to make an amazing dish.
At the Orano Beach Resort, in addition to fish and meat, it is possible to savour fresh caught fish cooked on the grill, pizza, but also the traditional “Elba schiaccine”, salads and cold dishes, or just a coffee or an ice cream.

Spiaggia Lacona Sera

In the evening

In the evening, the terrace directly overlooking the beach, offering all the splendor and relaxation of the sea. It is perfect both for people seeking a quiet and romantic angle, and for families who have the chance to enjoy dinner while their children are playing on the beach a few steps away from them.
And now imagine a warm summer evening, the breeze, the setting sun lighting up the sky with amazing colors, the sound of the sea in the background, a nice bottle of Elba Vermentino and the aroma of the courses that are coming…